Dublin Dragons – Frogged

This was my first silk project. Also my first skip hole weave. It was way more difficult than I intended it to be. The silk was incredibly thin, the cards were always tilting to the side, and there was no easy repetition to the pattern. I was used to none of it, and it took […]

Iris of Merit

This pattern is a modified version of the pattern found on Lady Elewys of Finchingefeld’s blog: HERE I changed the pattern a bit (mostly to allow for a black border) so that it would be acceptable to use as an Iris of Merit award. I still have another set to do and then I will […]

Vindheim Firstborn

This pattern was shared by Mistress Alisandre Oliphant, OL (Amanda Lewanski) on our new Principality’s Facebook group, and I was asked by the wonderful Zubeydah if I would make it for her as a barter (I received some amazing glass Viking beads in return!). The pattern is very simple, but still a monster to weave. […]

Stag Heads – Frogged

This was my second attempted project. After the first one went so well I thought, “Well, this is easy! I’m sure I can handle something more difficult.” And man, was I wrong. Not only was there the issue of me using the wrong kind of yarn, which was WAY too thick, and also using cards […]

Gilyan’s Oseberg Trim

This was my first ever project! It was adapted from the historical Oseberg pattern (and I named it after Duchess Gilyan, who was the inspiration for the color pallet). My first attempt was with “pearled” cotton, but it was too thin and tangled easily, especially with the heavy cards I was using. My second attempt, […]

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